AP-5 Receiver: To Operate The Gates From Up to 500 ft. Distance!

The AP-5 Receiver is designed to use in a wide range of access control applications, it can control single or dual door strikes, automatic gates, barrier gates, mag-locks and automatic or door operators. This superheterodyne receiver, which is small sized and wireless, uses an external antenna to catch the signals from approx. 500 feet away.

There are three dry contact relays present:

  • First relay (K1) – For ACCESS
  • Second relay (K2) – Either for ACCESS OR OBSTACLE
  • Third relay (K3) – For OBSTACLE

Linear AP5 Receiver

The Linear AP5 Receiver have six model MGT safety transmitters and the codes are programmed in its memory and the memory can be preserved without power.
The receiver has a numerical keypad and various buttons on its front, such as display button, digital display, cancel button program button, open button and star key. Its configuration includes power indicator, antenna connector, access granted indicator, program mode indicator, suspended indicator, pound key and radio indicator.

Linear Ap5 Receiver

Linear AP-5 Wireless Access Controller

Linear AP-5 Wireless Access Controller is designed and developed for a broader range of control access applications. Due to its small size and wireless design, this receiver is easily adjustable for a wide variety of access control needs. This is basically designed for one or two doors/gates, automatic gates, barrier gates or door operators. It consists of a high quality super heterodyne UHF receiver that applies an external antenna to receive signals from a distance of 500 feet.

Linear Ap5 Receiver

Let’s discuss the main features of the Linear Ap5 receiver:

  • Perfect for gated communities, parking facilities, traffic barriers s and industrial sites
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Range up to 500 feet
  • Easy to add, suspend, and delete transmitters through programming modes
  • Supports 480 block coded transmitters or 238 individual transmitters/wireless keypad entry codes
  • Supports up to six fully supervised safety edge transmitters
  • RF frequency: 318 MHz
  • 4.45″ W x 5.75″ H x 1.5″ D (without antenna)
  • High-gain receiver
  • No transmitter dip switches

AP-5 receiver is popularly used across the globe, the best part of this receiver is that it can be installed to the gate openers of every brand. The remotes that are associated with the receiver, have a unique identification number on its back and this identification number needs to be entered into the AP-5 receiver in order to sync them for the gate access and controlling the functions. In case any remote is lost, you can easily disable that remote by entering the number of the lost remote into the AP-5 receiver, without affecting the other remotes associated with the receiver.

Osco Opener

The Linear AP 5 Receiver has six model MGT safety transmitters and allows you to program codes in its memory. It can retain its memory without power. The receiver has a digital display, display button, program button, cancel button, open button and star key along with numerical keypad. Further, its configuration includes antenna connector, power indicator, access granted indicator, suspended indicator, program mode indicator, radio indicator and pound key.

The AP-5 Receiver is widely used all over the world in a number of access control applications. This receiver is wireless and small in size that can be installed at the gates of Linear Gate Access. It controls the gates by using an external antenna that can catch the signals from approx. 500 feet away.

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