Can You Run Your Company With A Smartphone?

Finally the day has come when we are discussing the use of Smartphone in running a company. Isn’t this really amazing that we are looking at technological advancements when only a handheld Smartphone might prove to be enough to run business operations? The Smartphone market is booming and 1 out 3 individual in the US possesses a Smartphone.

Enterprises around the world are making policy changes to include the use the Smartphones for business communications. The use of VoIP and Unified Communication solutions is promoting the use of Smartphone like never before. In such a scenario, we are not far from the day when smartphones will rule corporate communications.

Smartphone Valuation by Businesses

Businesses around the world are now seriously evaluating whether they will be able to manage their entire communication needs from their smartphones. However, prior to reaching any conclusion and deciding to implement new Smartphone-based communication policy,

it is important to ponder upon some of the pertinent questions. It is vital for you to find out whether there are multiple people answering the calls on the same company number. You also need to find out how you handle phone routing, call recording or any other service that is tagged with your landline facility.

Is PBX Really Needed For Your Organization?

This is a very significant question as you are never sure as to whether you really need to go the PBX way when it comes to managing the communication systems at office.For the organizations that have a smaller workforce, say 3 to 5 employees, it is easier for them to run business operations with the help of smartphones.

However, for the organizations with a larger employee base, it is better to opt for the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system where they would be able to perform call management and call routing more professionally and efficiently.

Today’s workforce use a variety of tools and applications for communication and integrating all the devices and tools on a single platform is possible only with the help of a PBX system. Under this system, one primary number can be tagged as the main line and the rest of the numbers can be distributed to the customers as and when needed.

The market is flooded with various communication products like Google Voice and Ring Central where one line can be provided as the main lien and the callers will be routed to different smartphones by the use of business extensions. The best thing about this is that the caller’s phone will only display the main line’s number.These are the cloud based services and they even offer services like voice transcription, call recording and various other related services.

The Advantages of Using Smartphone to Run a Business

  • Easy access to customer – The use of Smartphone makes it really easy for the customers to reach the employees. This in turn makes the entire communication process extremely smooth and efficient as the customers will never be kept on hold and their messages will be returned within a few minutes only.
  • Operational convenience for the employees – The employees find it convenient to work with smartphones. Actually, many employees already use smartphones for their personal communication and when the same device is extended for professional communication, they find it really easy to accommodate.
  • Huge cost savings – Companies are able to make huge savings because they will not require any other communication lines at office. They will be able to do away with the landlines and when everyone uses the same VoIP service, free calls can also be initiated.

The Disadvantages of Using Smartphones to Run a Business

  • Power loss – Smartphone batteries are seldom able to keep up with the power requirements of the applications; hence, before you realize, you hear the beep that spells doom for a call. This can be terrible when you are in the middle of a critical customer call.
  • Absence of cell network – Network availability at remote locations is still an issue and your calls might never really get connected.

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