Graduate Digital Marketing Salary Expectations for 5 Key Roles

Key positions for Digital Marketing teams of Web Design companies in the Philippines are filled up every year without fail. Senior professionals or fresh graduates are more than welcome to these companies because of the demand for Digital Marketing services around the country today. All small or big business are now into digital marketing, especially, Social Media and website creations.

Regarding the compensation ranges of digital marketing professionals, Web Design companies in the Philippines seem to be very generous with it. May it be a technical or a soft-skilled position, their salary ranges from Php 200,000 to Php 500,000 every year. Fresh graduates, on the other hand, may seem to have a lower rate, but that is understandable because of their lack of skills and maturity.

For a new graduate professional, it is always hard to find your first job because of your lack of skill and maturity, as what has been said above. But in terms of compensation ranges, the salary of newly hired fresh graduates are still competitive. The range is still at Php 100,000 to Php 300,000 yearly as per

For the five key roles of a Digital Marketing team, below are their expected salary ranges for both fresh graduate and senior professionals.

1. The Marketing Strategist.

It is very seldom that companies hire a fresh graduate for this role. That is because, a Marketing strategist is the person who is ultimately responsible for overseeing the whole digital promotion efforts, helps the team in the creation of a content calendar, and he or she is the person responsible for monitoring the progress of the team. It is more likely a lead role. Thus this position needs a more experienced and virtually present person. The salary range for this role is Php 123,714 to Php 318,637 with a median of Php 188,540 yearly.

2. The Social Media Manager.

It is one important role because this person is going to put your team’s plans and ideas in action. The task of engaging with customers, common users, and other stakeholders on social networking sites is assigned to this role. Analyzing and keeping up with the shifts and trends in social media demographics is also one of this person’s main task. The person to take this role, can either be a fresh graduate or senior as long as he or she maintains an outstanding Social Media presence and skills. His or salary range is from Php 123,067 to Php 710,155 with a median of Php 240,160 yearly.

3. The Content Creation.

This role is as important as the Social Media Manager. This person works on getting the attention of everyone. That is why this role is important. This position is the basic foundation. This person will work closely with the Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager to create website contents that can catch the attention of people online. That why, the people will notice your marketing promotions. This person need not be a senior as long as he or she is creative. This role’s compensation range is Php 142, 540 to Php 587,228 with a median of Php 247,047 annually.

4. The Data Analyst.

This role is important in terms of keeping the whole team updated of the current outcome of the marketing promotion efforts. This person looks over the analytics data by measuring the results of the Social Media, video, and written content in comparison to the targets of the team. This role drives the team efforts in terms of the team’s current performance. With that, it is important for this person to have skills in Social Media, some advanced analytics tools, and of course, a little of communication skills. This role’s salary range, for a fresh graduate or a senior professional, is from Php 131,778 to Php 489,545 with a median of Php 216,451 annually.

5. The Technical Specialist.

This person is the implementer of the team’s marketing strategy. Some companies normally outsource this position because this person’s tasks involve a little programming HTML and CSS. Having at least one Technical Specialist on your Digital Marketing is ideal. Your team can directly add contents to your website and polish them in accordance to the technological advancements available. This role’s salary ranges from Php 148,370 to Php 540,900 yearly with a median of Php 256,113.


The salary ranges stated above are from the data gathered from online job sites over the years. These may be a little close to accurate, but the actual salaries depend on many factors. One factor is the location of the company. Companies from around Manila will always pay bigger compared to companies located in Cebu City because of the cost of living of the place. Another factor is the company standards itself. Private companies are independent of the state. Thus, they can decide how much they will pay their employees depending on their current financial status.

Having these five key roles on your Digital Marketing team is ideal. But if your team is very small, you can, of course, let people more than roles. Somehow, it is always a good practice to have a complete team. It is important to have the Marketing Strategist to lead the team, the Social Media Manager and Content Creator to catch people’s attention, the Technical Specialist to build your website or polish your contents, and then to have the Data Analyst to keep everyone informed of the team’s performance.

If you are a senior professional, it would not be hard to look for a job that pays well. You already have the work experience and maturity as your asset to present to potential companies. Unfortunately for fresh graduates, it is going to be tough. You will always have to start small. In a lighter note, there are still companies who pay their fresh graduates higher than the regular rates. Perhaps it is recommendable to look for this financially stable companies.

Are you a Digital Marketing professional? If you are, don’t stray from your path. As you can see, being a Digital Marketing professional is one of the high-paying jobs in the country.