Latest Technology in Heating and Cooling Systems

When you are considering installing a new heating or cooling system in the home, you want to work with the latest technology and advancements in the industry. At Peirce Phelps, they provide innovative products by Carrier that can help you to have a more functional home during the winter and summer months. You will be able to enjoy a warmer or cooler environment based on the season as well as save money and energy with the process.

The engineers at Carrier continually pushes the envelope when it comes to technology and quality design for HVAC products so you have only efficient options for your home. Below are a few examples of high-tech products the company provides to keep you nice and comfortable year round.

Infinity Heating and Cooling System

Carrier considers the Infinity system to be the best of the best with a smart communicating system that operates on Infinity control. The Infinity Control can be compared to a universal remote as it creates a personal atmosphere for the home. You have the option of customizing everything from the temperature and humidity of the home to air quality, fan speed, ventilation and more.

Greenspeed Intelligence

With this new product, Carrier has combined the Infinity series 98 gas furnace with an Infinity 20 heat pump for smart operation with infinity control. This combination takes the Infinity system to a higher level with adaptable speeds and more. The furnace or heat pump is able to function at 40% capacity to 100% capacity when the home needs heating or cooling, when considering the heat pump. The range of the system allows the system to choose the most efficient operating mode based on the comfort level you need. You can a more precise temperature in the home for more accurate comfort.

Hybrid Heat System

By combining the Infinity Heat Pump and a gas furnace, the Hybrid Heat System can provide you with an efficient system that is smart on a genius level. The system has the ability to gauge the temperature of outside air and then choose the fuel source needed to provide the most efficient comfort based on these conditions. For example, when the weather is cool, the system may decide that the heat pump portion needs to be used rather than the gas furnace. This helps you to use less energy and spend less on the comfort of your home.

Comfort Heat Technology

For a better heating solution in the home, Comfort Heat Technology can offer you a consistent way to heat the home at any temperature you desire. The furnace is programmed to remember how you like to heat the home. The unit will remember the last ten times it was operational and then use this information to heat the home efficiently. A low fire or longer run time will allow you to enjoy the heating comfort by using very little energy. This type of system of system can see a reduction of temperature swings by 50%, operate at higher energy efficiency level, quieter due to low fire cycle and more.

At Peirce Phelps, we can provide you with what you need for home heating and cooling comfort. By contacting our team of technicians, you can find out just what you need to know to have a comfortable home no matter what the season. We use only the best technologies and improvements made by Carrier to provide you with the premium products for home comfort. Contact us today to learn more about Carrier products and the latest technologies that can work wonders for your home and your family!

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