The Best Multimeter For Engineers

Are you in the search for the best multimeter for engineers? You have probably spent hours looking for the best deals available on the market. We are here to help you find the best option, that comes in your budget too.

What is a multimeter?

A multimeter is an essential tool when dealing with electronic devices and electronics as a whole. A multimeter is also commonly known as a Volt-o-meter and an important tool for professional engineers as well as engineering students from various fields. The device is a handy tool in the field of engineering, mainly in streams like electrical, electronics and telecommunication. The tool can produce accurate readings very quickly and is hence considered as a reliable tool for engineers.

The multimeter is generally used to measure the several different attributes of an electronic circuit such as the resistance, voltage and current. Multimeters are of two types, namely,

  • Analog multimeter
  • Digital multimeter

While an analog multimeter uses a pointer to display the readings, an electronic or digital multimeter uses a display screen for showing the readings.

Uses of a multimeter

A multimeter is generally used to perform the following actions,

  1. Check completeness of electric circuits
  2. Assessing the voltage from a power source
  3. Finding faults in an electric circuit

How to choose the best multimeter for engineers?

While choosing the best multimeter for engineers, one usually keeps a close eye on its features. The tool that best fits as per the standards is probably the best multimeter for engineers. Certain qualities that a good multimeter is expected to have include,

  1. Accuracy
  2. Meter counts
  3. RMS
  4. USB interface
  5. Auto-ranging

Nowadays, the digital multimeter is often the best choice as it is the latest innovation, is efficient and quite pocket-friendly. One often also selects a multimeter based on individual requirements and budget. Based on the price of the device, there are several multimeters available on the market. Some of these include,

  • INNOVA 3300

This is one of the best multimeters for those who have a very low budget. The device gives accurate readings for most uses and is very reasonably priced to fit the budget of mainly students and beginners.

  • INNOVA 3320

This is a great device, much more efficient than the 3300. The multimeter has a much clearer display screen and sturdy body. This is probably the best multimeter for engineers if you have a sound budget and wish to have a high-quality multimeter at a sensible price.

  • EXTECH EX330

This multimeter offers excellent features at an affordable price. This is one of the most commonly chosen multimeters by among most industrial engineers. This device can handle the hard life of industrial fields and is hence considered as a great one-time investment by professionals of the field.

  • FLUKE 117

This range of a multimeter is considered as one of the best multimeters for an engineer all across the world. It has a reliable hard case body and delivers 100 percent accurate readings even for fluctuating signals. Though a bit pricey, experts in the field consider this device as a complete value for money tool.

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