10 Features You Wish Your Phone System Had

Business phone systems are a very significant part of every office and if you are contemplating a change or an upgrade of the existing telephone system then you should prepare a list of telephone service providers in the market.Once this is done, it is time to start finalizing the features that the new phone system should have.

Here is a list of the top 10 features that every standard office phone system in your office must possess:

  1. No big investments – You cannot expect to spend a fortune on your business telephones because you would need the big investments to expand your business. There are a few things that you will have to ask your vendor before purchasing the phone systems. Some of the major VoIP service providers include the cost of the phones, even the ones with programmable buttons. You will have to find it out from the vendors about the features that are being bundled with the purchase.
  2. All the changes to be made online – Several business phone systems store the data on the phone systems and this may lead to several issues. Thus in case your phone system goes down, it takes down your entire communications. In case the business telephones are damaged or malfunction then you are really going to find it difficult to reroute the calls. Another big problem is related to administration wherein you will find it difficult to manage the communication system. However, this problem is completely eliminated with an online dashboard from where you can not only set up new phone systems but also manage them with ease.
  3. Empowering employees – Cloud phone systems are known to empower employees because these phones can be easily managed by any user. Thus, your employees do not need to depend on the IT team to configure or administer the calls.
  4. Multiple Sites – Organizations often have offices at multiple locations need an integrated communication solution that can be extended to all the sites. Communication systems can be easily extended to different sites. Cloud telephone systems are ideal for the companies that are expanding their operations to multiple locations.
  5. New features at no extra cost – Business phone systems have to be upgraded from time to time to meet the growing needs of their business. Cloud based systems are centrally upgraded and new features are offered to the users at no extra cost. Thus, you can keep on adding more features without spending a single penny.
  6. Mobility – Telephone systems often come with mobility feature but not all phones will offer you mobility in the offices, out of the office and between different offices as a bundle. However, you will have to ask your vendor whether the business phone solution that you have opted for offers you all the three or not.
  7. Disaster management – You will need to ask your vendor about the disaster management features they are offering. Usually all would promise re-routing of the calls during unforeseen circumstances but not all offer the same facility. You will have to cross-check with the other users to find out about the real deal.
  8. Competitive pricing – You should always opt for the vendor that provides a decent deal – avoid the ones that offer unbelievably low prices. Go with the ones that have the most competitive yet good pricing.
  9. 999% Uptime– It is not impossible to find this kind of an uptime because there are vendors who offer this. Not that everyone who promises this is going to provide such a great uptime but with a little research you can easily find the service providers that not only promise but also deliver.
  10. Easy management – Cloud based business phone systems can be easily managed and you will have to settle for the phone system that offers easy management.

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