Features to look out for in a Quality Sales Mobile App

Mobile app usage is mainstream and marketers from all over the world have been riding the trend by using a few to help them perform their tasks better. But with the huge volume of tools available on Google Play and Apple store, it could be difficult to determine which one works best.

For salespeople, identifying the right tool can result to either enhanced performance or more hassle. Below are some of the most common features you might want to look into before installing any of those sales app.

Quality Sales Mobile App

Preview of potential sales leads

Finding leads has remained a challenge despite the digitalization we experience today. Customers easily change their minds. Trends are always affected by the dynamic market. To find potential clients, it’s vital that you get a heads up on those that who might be interested. Before you decide on having one application on your mobile device, make sure it is able to provide you with this feature.

Cloud sync

There are times when holding all of the information in a single device is just no longer enough. In this case, syncing them in a cloud that can be accessible in multiple platforms could help. Whether you are working using your tablet or PC, having the necessary information ready when you need is a must. Make sure to go for those apps that allow you this feature.


Creating detailed reports is vital especially when you talk about handling multiple clients. It’s impossible to completely remember every detail of the transaction. As such, you will need a comprehensive summary or data display that would show the most important progress and changes on the data you inputted.

Different apps have unique way of incorporating this feature. Some go for chart type of displays while others prefer those graphs and tabular presentations. All of these styles work but it’s vital to consider your preference. Assess which one you feel most comfortable at.

Communication log

This is something that may come optional but is important in making sure you have all things covered in terms of your client transactions. Go for applications that allow you to view the history of your calls and email correspondence with customers. This way, you can easily identify factors that may have directly affected the success or failure of a deal.

Timely alerts and notifications

This works hand in hand with the lead preview feature. As soon as there are potential leads, a good sales app should be able to send you a notification alerting you of the detail. Advanced functions of this alert function is the ability to detect which of those leads need urgent attention and which can be scheduled at a later time.


Are you allowed to customize the app’s functions to fit your convenience? Those who are on top of their league permit you to do so. It is always an advantage to use an app that offers you wide customization option. This way, you can easily make changes in response to the changes you have per individual transaction.

Just be mindful that there are apps who only offer this feature on their premium version. If payment is such a big deal to you, then you may want to step back and have a look at how much you are expected to pay.

Friendly user-interface

Last but not the least, see how convenient it is on actual usage. The quality of your experience when using the tool can greatly affect your ability to optimize its features as well. Apps are supposed to make your work easier and faster. Make sure you do not end up dealing having more hassles with complicated operations.

Now that other marketers and salespeople are literally using digital tools to reach their audience, there is no reason why you should also ditch off the opportunity. If you are still unsure of your choice, a good way to start would be to try out free versions to get an idea on what works best for your work.

Always be reminded that what worked for the others may not necessarily have the same favorable result for you. Finding the appropriate productivity app for sales through trial and error could be your best course of action.


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