Google Adwords Improvements for 2017: Taking Online Advertising to a New Level

Cebu City may be located in a province, but SEO Cebu is not outdated with all the SEO trends of the global online market. Just like the new updates of Google Adwords this year, SEO Cebu has also taken notice of it right away. Moreover, people are now seeing how these improvements affect the local, national, and international online market.

For the information of everyone, Google Adwords is an online advertising system made available by Google. It allows advertisers to bid on their keywords of choice for these to appear in Google’s Search Engine.Having Google’s Search Engine as the number one Search Engine in the whole world, Google Adwords is, of course, one of the most popular SEO tools today.

Last year, 2016, Google has advertised in many countries about the improvements Google Adwords will have for 2017. Since Google already unveiled these enhancements, many said that these improvements take online advertising to a new level. Why do you think people are saying that? Well, go and find out! Here are Google Adwords’ enhancements for 2017:

1. New batches of local search ads were released!

Google has incorporated the “in” and the new to local search engines considering the culture and the trends per local points. This is actually a very good enhancement because this is the very basic necessity of the concept of search engines. How would a search engine be of use of the local and trendy keywords are not searchable?

2. Local brand logos and offers will appear on the searches!

No more confusions and misconceptions! Google might have noticed why misguided and confusing some searches sometimes, especially when many local establishments share common names. Now, having brand logos and company offers appear at Google Adwords section will help netizens to distinguish if what they are clicking is the correct business.

3. Google Maps is now more advertisement friendly!

All those two new features of Google Adwords mentioned above are now in Google Maps! So, do not be shocked if all your favorite establishments are availing Google Adwords already have their brand logos and offers cutely added to their Google Map entry.This new feature is not just about advertising anymore. It is making Google Maps more informative and useful other than being a regular map.

4. No more limited Characters on Google Adwords headlines.

How many characters were allowed before? Was it a maximum of five characters? Well now, advertisers will now be able to have two 30-character headlines! How convenient is that? No more worrying how to simplify those long headlines.

5. In appearance, Google Adwords now has responsive and neat display ads!

It will cease to look like a text inside a text editor. Responsive ads were created because of the short attention span of people today. Thus, this enhancement will make the advertisement more effective. Aside from that, advertisers can now add neat logos and images to make the ads more professional.

6. Tired of setting up a desktop application to bid on Google Adwords?

Well, here this is the answers to your prayers! A mobile bidding system is now underway! This is perhaps the best news for Google Adwords this year. Since today is the mobile-dominated era, it is best to bring everything from desktop to mobile. As for advertisers, this is going to make Google Adwords easier and accessible to use.

Those mentioned above are just some of the coolest enhancements Google Adwords has this year. More or less, these enhancements revolve around Google Maps and the mobile adaptation of Google Adwords features.

Why do you think Google added online advertising to Google Maps? Well, that is very simple to answer. Google has seen the huge number of users Google Maps has. Moreover, perhaps Google has finally seen the potentials and the effectiveness of Google Maps system structure. It is very useful that with this enhancements, Google Maps does not only locate the location to you, it will also let users know what that location has to offer.

As for the mobile adaptation of desktop-only features, this is a vital step that Google has to make this year given the advanced mobile technology. As the years pass, more and more are using mobiles only. Google has to adapt to that! It is not only convenient to the customers, but also to advertisers. With that, thanks to Google for accepting that fact and for doing something that supports that fact.

Overall, thanks to Google for such a helpful innovation. These enhancements are so useful that everyone, including the customers and advertisers, are jumping with joy for having it. Good job, Google!